Tours To Tibet From Singapore

December 12,2019

Traveling is the best way to broaden our horizons. Different tourist destinations bring travelers different experiences. Have you ever been to Tibet - the highest place in the world? This place is regarded as the ultimate destination for most travelers. It is like a land of idyllic beauty where enjoys the breathtaking natural scenery and colorful culture. Isolated from the grand Himalaya Mountains, Tibet keeps a mysterious veil to the public. Every year, millions of international travelers travel to Tibet from Singapore to explore this holy place, including numerous Singaporean tourists.
Benefit from the latest regulations in China, Singaporean tourists have no need to apply for China Visa when getting to China in a short period. You only need to apply for the
Tibet Travel Permit when visiting Tibet. Therefore, the number of tourists from Singapore to Tibet is getting more and more. What’s more, with the rapid development of transportation, it is more convenient for Singaporeans to get to Tibet. So how to plan a Tibet tour from Singapore? Here, I’d like to share some ways with you.

tours to tibet from singapore

At present, Singapore travelers can firstly get to Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, or Kathmandu by air, then transfer another flight, train, or vehicle to Tibet. In other words, Singapore travelers can get to Tibet from China and Nepal.

tours to tibet from singapore

How to get to Tibet from China
In China, Chengdu, Beijing, and Shanghai provide several direct flights to Singapore. You can take a direct flight to those cities. The price of the air ticket to Chengdu is about US$200~USD 300. The price of the air ticket in Beijing or Shanghai costs US$300~400. It takes travelers six hours to arrive in China.
After arriving in these cities, you can keep flying to Lhasa by direct flights. Or you can choose another way - take a train to Tibet. Flying to Tibet may increase the chance of suffering from high altitude sickness. So, I recommend you to take a train to Tibet. The scenery outside the window is breathtaking. You can have a grand visual feast when taking a train to Tibet. The price of the Chengdu Lhasa train ticket ranges from ¥RMB668 to ¥RMB1062, relying on your seat type. After 44 hours running, you will arrive in Lhasa. The price of the Beijing Lhasa train ranges from ¥RMB720 to ¥RMB 1144, and the duration hours is about 41. The price of the Shanghai Lhasa train ranges from ¥794 to ¥1263, and the duration hours is about 48.

travel to tibet from singapore

How to get to Tibet from Nepal
The other way is to get to Tibet from Nepal. Singaporeans fly to Kathmandu firstly, then transfer another flight or vehicle to Tibet. The direct flight will take off from Changi Airport. After 5 hours’ later, travelers can get to Kathmandu. The price of this international is about US$1,100. Later, you can take the direct flight to Lhasa in Kathmandu. It is just about one and a half an hour. The price of this air ticket is about US$280. Besides that, you can also take an overland tour via Gyirong Port. 

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