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Lhasa / Shigatse/Lhasa


Whole Year

6 Days Lhasa - Shigatse Culture Group Tour



This join-in group tour offers you a chance to discover Tibet deeply. By visiting those places, you can know Tibet’s culture, religion, history better. After the classical journey in Lhasa city, you will continue to Shigatse.

Along the way, you will via amazing Yamdrotse Lake, and impressed Korala Glacier, and also the biggest Tashilumpo monastery, this is a trip not only for your eyes and but also souls.


At a Glance


Day 1 Arrive in Lhasa

Day 2 Lhasa City Tour - Potala Palace, Johkang Temple, and Barkhor Street (B, D)

Day 3 Lhasa City Tour - Drepung, Sera Monastery (B)

Day 4 Lhasa (3650m) to Shigatse (3900m) (B)

Day 5 Shigatse (3900m) to Lhasa (3650m)(B)

Day 6 Depart from Lhasa (B)


Daily Itinerary


Day 1 Arrive in Lhasa


No matter you reach Lhasa by train or airplane, you are warmly greeted and your guide will take you to your hotel. On the way, Clients may view the Yarlung Tsangpo River/ Brahmaputra river (the Longest and largest river in Tibet) and the Lhasa River.



After arrival at your hotel, the rest of the day is yours. You can choose to take a rest to adapt to the high altitude. Or you can go out to explore the local area directly.


Day 2 Lhasa City Tour - Potala Palace, Johkang Temple, and Barkhor Street (B, D)

After breakfast, your guide will pick you up from your hotel, and bring you to the Potala Palace which is the symbol of Tibet, built in 641AD, it is also the winter palace of the Dalai lama.


After lunch, we will go head to Jokhang temple which was founded by the 33rd great king of Tibet in the 7th century. It was the spiritual center of Tibet, pilgrims from every place of Tibet trek to here, making prostrating in front of Jokhang Temple.

Around the temple is the famous Barkhor Street, where you can enjoy the traditional Tibetan tea and or buy some special souvenirs for your family members. Besides, the welcome dinner will also be arranged accordingly.

Potala Palace

Day 3 Lhasa City Tour - Drepung, Sera Monastery (B)


In the morning, you will visit Drepung monastery which is one of the “great three” Gelug monasteries of Tibet, it has more than 500 years history as the largest monastery in the world, the famous annual Shoton Festival is also organized here, during this festival many precious stupas, sculptures, paintings and huge Thangka are exhibited here...


In the Afternoon, Tourists will visit another outstanding Gelug Monastery--Sera Monastery. The most important attention point is the famous Monks Scriptures debate at around 3 - 5 in the afternoon.

Sera Monastery

Day 4 Lhasa-Shigatse (3900m) (B)


After breakfast, we will leave Lhasa and drive to Shigatse. Along the way, we will drive across the Gampala pass (5030m), and take a few time at the holy Yamdrotse Lake (4400m), the Lake is decorated by continuous snow-covered Mount Nyenchen Khangsar and the lake water is as blue as the green jade, lie on the earth silently.


Later, we will keep driving to Gyantse. On the road, we will pass the glories Karola Glacier (5200m), when we arrive in Gyantse, the third biggest city in Tibet, we will go to visit the famous Pelkor Monastery and the Kubum Stupa, also enjoy the sight of Gyangtse Fortress.

After around 2 hours of driving, we get to Shigatse, the second-largest city in Tibet.


Day 5 Shigatse-Lhasa (B)


After breakfast, we will go to visit today’s highlight--Tashilunpo monastery. Tashilhunpo, one of Tibet's most important monasteries, is a Geluk monastery in Shigatse that was founded in 1447 by the First Dalai Lama Gendun Drub.

In the afternoon, we will drive back to Lhasa. there is no problem to view the splendid sights on the way.


Day 6 Lhasa Departure (B)


Your guide will pick you up and transfer you to the airport or train station according to your schedule, finishing the meaningful tour.

Tour Cost & Schedule in 2019

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2020-04-01 (Wed) $710 1 Guests Booked
2020-04-03 (Fri) $710 4 Guests Booked
2020-04-05 (Sun) $710 1 Guests Booked
2020-04-08 (Wed) $710 4 Guests Booked
2020-04-10 (Fri) $710 0 Guests Booked
2020-04-12 (Sun) $710 2 Guests Booked
2020-04-14 (Tues) $710 0 Guests Booked
2020-04-16 (Thur) $710 0 Guests Booked
2020-04-22 (Wed) $710 1 Guests Booked
2020-05-01 (Fri) $710 2 Guests Booked
2020-05-05 (Tues) $710 0 Guests Booked
2020-05-07 (Thur) $710 1 Guests Booked
2020-05-10 (Sun) $710 1 Guests Booked
2020-05-12 (Tues) $710 2 Guests Booked
2020-05-14 (Thur) $710 0 Guests Booked
2020-05-23 (Sat) $710 1 Guests Booked
2020-05-29 (Fri) $710 2 Guests Booked
2020-06-01 (Mon) $710 0 Guests Booked
2020-06-03 (Wed) $710 0 Guests Booked
2020-06-05 (Fri) $710 1 Guests Booked
2020-06-09 (Tues) $710 1 Guests Booked
2020-06-17 (Wed) $710 0 Guests Booked
2020-06-22 (Mon) $710 1 Guests Booked
2020-06-28 (Sun) $800 1 Guests Booked
2020-07-01 (Wed) $800 2 Guests Booked
2020-07-06 (Mon) $800 2 Guests Booked
2020-07-15 (Wed) $800 1 Guests Booked
2020-07-19 (Sun) $800 0 Guests Booked
2020-07-22 (Wed) $800 0 Guests Booked
2020-07-24 (Fri) $800 1 Guests Booked
2020-07-29 (Wed) $800 2 Guests Booked
2020-08-02 (Sun) $800 1 Guests Booked
2020-08-06 (Thur) $800 0 Guests Booked
2020-08-12 (Wed) $800 1 Guests Booked
2020-08-16 (Sun) $800 0 Guests Booked
2020-08-20 (Thur) $800 0 Guests Booked
2020-08-27 (Thur) $770 0 Guests Booked
2020-08-29 (Sat) $770 2 Guests Booked
2020-08-31 (Mon) $770 0 Guests Booked
2020-09-02 (Wed) $770 0 Guests Booked
2020-09-04 (Fri) $770 0 Guests Booked
2020-09-09 (Wed) $770 2 Guests Booked
2020-09-15 (Tues) $770 1 Guests Booked
2020-09-18 (Fri) $770 0 Guests Booked
2020-09-20 (Sun) $770 0 Guests Booked
2020-09-29 (Tues) $770 3 Guests Booked
2020-10-01 (Thur) $770 2 Guests Booked
2020-10-04 (Sun) $770 1 Guests Booked
2020-10-16 (Fri) $770 0 Guests Booked
2020-10-30 (Fri) $710 0 Guests Booked
2020-11-04 (Wed) $710 3 Guests Booked
2020-11-06 (Fri) $710 3 Guests Booked
2020-11-11 (Wed) $710 2 Guests Booked
2020-11-13 (Fri) $710 1 Guests Booked
2020-11-16 (Mon) $680 0 Guests Booked
2020-11-25 (Wed) $680 0 Guests Booked

Service Included:


1. Tibet travel permit and all other necessary permits

2. All entrance ticket fees for all tourist sites listed in the itinerary;

3. Meals listed in the itinerary;

4. Local tour Transfers, 5-29 seats comfortable Tourist Vehicle according to Group Size.;

5. Knowledgeable English-speaking guide

6. Accommodations: Comfortable Hotel

7. Service Charge & Government Taxes

8. Arrangements include planning, handling, operational and communication charges.

9. Welcome Dinner

10. Free Airport shuttle transfer between Lhasa Gongar airport and Hotel on the appointed time.

11. Drinking water Provided during the trip

12. Tourist accident/casualty insurance


Service Excluded:


1. International flight to and out of China

2. Domestic flight/train to and out of Lhasa. (We can provide you the domestic flight/train ticket booking service at the BEST discount price, please contact us our travel experts for the details.)

3. Lunches and dinners are not included, please pay on site by yourself.; usually it costs about USD3-10 per person for one meal in TAR (Tibet Autonomous Region).

4. Tips to tour guide and driver, you are suggested to tip them 2-7 USD/day in total

5. Personal expenses, like laundry, phone calls, snacks, soft drinks (please do the best to avoid alcoholic beverages during your Tibet trip), optional tour activities, etc.

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